Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"La Familia!"

Do you have a family? Well, Sanford Sanchez does. Some of what they do is pretty cool (and more about that in a minute).

But, wait! What's that I see over there?

What is that pile of garbage under that old brown tarp? What could it be? Maybe some firewood? That would make sense, if you think about it. Firewood is something that you might want to keep dry. But, you'd also want to keep it outside. Things like mice and spiders might live in the firewood and so they wouldn't be so appropriate to have in the house.
Now that I am getting a little closer, though, I'm a little concerned. Say, is that a dead body buried under that ratty old brown tarp?
My heavens! I find some sort of office supply material here. Surely, that must just accidentally be placed outdoors temporarily on its way to the dump, right? But, why then would it be all wrapped up in plastic and covered with a tarp (even though it has been buried under several feet of snow all winter)? Why are there all these banking documents included in this mess? No. No! It can't be! And yet, yes, it is. It is the special, patented outdoor filing system.
Now, let me come at you from a different direction. Take a toilet paper roll and secure tin foil to one end with rubber bands. Poke a pinhole right in the center of the tin foil skin.

Then, attach wax paper at the other end ...
...find yourself a darkened room with a single, powerful light source.
And marvel as an inverted image of your light source is then projected optically in your home-made pinhole camera!
Below is the diagram made by my great aunt explaining this cool phenomenon. Family ...

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